Trojan Wishes You a Happy & Safe Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just another American commercial holiday that lures consumers to buy Hallmark cards, chocolate, flowers, and condoms! If you are sharing the love with someone this V-Day, remember to first and foremost love and protect yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!


2 comments so far

  1. Tom on

    That video is simultaneously hilarious, disturbing, and commercial. But most of all, it’s got to be commercial, right? We’re being sold a product that if we don’t use, we’re getting gonorrhea for V-Day. Is this that magical balance between capitalism and social welfare?

  2. Daniela J on

    You raise a solid point. It’s like a happy accident when capitalism and social welfare blends together, and that’s exactly what this commercial is: a happy accident so you don’t have an unhappy accident.

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