The House of Blues Boston: My New Heart & Soul


My temporary hiatus has been caused by beginning my new job at the House of Blues Boston. The past few weeks have been absolutely overwhelming with the Grand Opening landing on February 21. Between learning the 5 Vedic principles (Truth, Peace, Love, Righteousness, and Non-Violence), brushing past the J.Giels Band, remaining calm in the presence of Dan Ackroyd, and the mandatory food tastings, I have fallen in love with the HOB. The people at work are incredibly warm and friendly. People already know each other’s names and make a point to stop and chat. It amazes me that the venue truly operates like a house – a home. It’s very unlike Boston, where drivers show little love for one another and the nasty weather is making me a bit grumpier everyday. I had culture shock just being at the HOB.

That’s why I was surprised that the first House of Blues venue opened in Cambridge back in 1992. Where did the good old southern hospitality come from? The answer definitely lies with the people. Of course, the House wants to bring live music to the public. Nowadays, there is no lack for good food, nice people, and great entertainment. But the HOB would be nothing without the dedicated chefs, servers, bartenders, security officials, production crew, retail sales associates (FYI, that’s a personal plug), and on and on. I’m glad the House of Blues is back in Boston. It’s my new home away from home.


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