I Want to Be Michelle Obama When I Grow Up


“Michelle Obama is the current center of the fashion universe” – Cameron Silver

Michelle Obama’s middle name must be “Sasha Fierce”. Politics aside, our First Lady is bold and absolutely stylish. Fashion critics love her flair for clothing and accessories. The Chicago Tribune claims Michelle has become one of the four major women in the modern political fashion world.

In my opinion, First Lady Obama’s clothing is both palatable and glamorous. What I love most about Michelle’s style is how she makes conservative clothes pop.

I started following a very informative blog, Mrs. O, that tracks not only her, but her outfits. The blog post this past Tuesday for the Obamas’ arrival in London covers one of my favorite Michelle ensembles. The blogger reports her donning a chartreuse silk crepe sheath dress by Jason Wu with a black duster by Michael Kors. Her signature Azzedine Alaia studded belt ties it all together, making my J.Crew heart melt (see photo above).

As the Obama’s conduct their politics around the world, designers have the opportunity to showcase their clothing on a model with worldwide visibility. What is more powerful than a fashion endorsement from the First Lady? The following are some other designers Michelle wears:

  • Zero + Maria Cornejo
  • Maria Pinto
  • J.Crew
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Junya Watanabe
  • Isabel Toledo

Michelle is already a powerful force in shaping popular culture, officially joining the ranks of Jacqueline Onassis, Princess Diana, and Madame Sarkozy. These political fashionistas choose to not wear a pantsuit 24/7. So thank you, Mrs. O, for going sleeveless, mixing high-end with low-end, and sporting lime green hues instead of stiff all-red suits.


2 comments so far

  1. Cakes C. on

    And I desire to be the next Carla Bruni. Then we’ll be FLBFFs – First Lady BFFs.

  2. Daniela J on

    Lol. We’d be so classy!

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