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Facebook’s New Home Page: More is More?


I am a strong believer that less is more. Call me a Martha Stewart fan. Some of my favorite meals have a few, fresh ingredients like pasta mixed with pesto or a good steak seasoned only with pepper and salt. I love the simplicity of a clean, simply decorated room. Maybe that’s why I love J.Crew’s aesthetic or Apple computers. And maybe that’s why web 2.0 (and the web in general) overwhelms me sometimes. Ultimately, social media celebrates the fact that less is not more- more is more.

Tomorrow, March 11, Facebook is set to launch a new home page that will provide users with even more information about their friends through a stream of constant, updated feeds. The change adopts Twitter’s news feeds by speeding up the delivery of information to near real time. Furthermore, Facebook will also allow marketers to make their profiles more user friendly by making their pages seem like a genuine, real person.

Of course, these new developments will enable users to stay closer connected, which means being better informed and even more addicted to new information. What interests me is the convergence of two separate social media tools: Facebook and Twitter. The modification is not a radical innovation. Users will be able to get information just as fast as on its social media competitor, Twitter.

People are pretty vocal about any drastic change made by Facebook, and I expect to be inundated with angry messages on my new home page. I wonder whether or not I will become more engaged just the way Facebook wants me to, or whether I choose to readjust my settings to screen out the status updates of my “friends.” I guess the good news is that I can always condense more information down to less.