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Why the Snuggie Makes Me Smile

In terms of rank, infomercials are definitely at the bottom of the TV advertising totem pole. But the Snuggie, the groundbreaking “Blanket with Sleeves”, distinguishes itself as one infomercial product that has created as much buzz as a Budweiser campaign.

The Snuggie commercials first appeared last November amid the presidential election and sinking economy. Today, the Snuggie cult phenomenon has swept the nation and our homes. As of today, four million Snuggies have been sold. According to Good Morning America, the Snuggie has gained the most exposure in informercial history. Almost every daytime talk show host has worn the product on their show, including Ellen DeGeneres. My supervisor loves the commercial and we all watched it during a break at work. My BFF told me about an upcoming Snuggie pub crawl in Boston. I even follow The Snuggie on Twitter. The following are some of my favorite tweets by TheSnuggie:

  • “Snuggie > Slanket”
  • “I like to cuddle”
  • “Jesus [rocked] a Snuggie”

The Snuggie is infectious, good-humored, and irresistible. Yes, the Snuggie looks a little too much like a Ku Klux Klan robe and it is overpriced for its apparently thin fabric (retail price for one Snuggie = $15). Above all, the Snuggie has successfully proved that it’s definitely not just an ordinary blanket. Even in this dismal economy, there is a market for cuddling and cupcaking (even if it’s with yourself).